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900mg CBD Capsules


900mg CBD Capsules
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Looking for the benefits of CBD oil without the hassle of needing to carry a bottle and dropper around?

Anyone can get their CBD anytime they’d like, as easy as taking a pill, with our high-quality CBD capsules. These THC-free capsules contain our CBD oil, allowing anyone to get their daily dose of cannabidiol with ease.

Our Blessed CBD oil capsules are specially made for the sake of convenience, so when you’re busy and have a packed schedule, you don’t need to worry about taking time out to take out your CBD oil bottle and measure the dose. Instead, all you need to do is grab a drink and swallow one of our premium softgel capsules.

We want our CBD products to be easily available and accessible to anyone who wants to take advantage of CBD for their own wellness. No matter what your preferred amount of CBD is per day, it can be achieved by simply swallowing these gelatin capsules and going about your day.

Are the CBD capsules lab tested?

At Blessed CBD, we strive to do everything we can to make sure the quality of all of our products, including our high strength CBD gummies, broad spectrum and full spectrum CBD oil drops, pure CBD isolate, CBD creams, and of course, our CBD softgels capsules, is able to be easily verified by our customers. Far too many CBD brands rely on marketing buzzwords to sell their products, leaving customers wondering if the products are even effective.

This is not a problem when you shop with us at Blessed CBD. Our CBD capsules UK options, along with all of our other broad spectrum CBD products, have been tested by a third-party lab for quality and consistency.

Want to make sure we are being honest about the purity and levels of cannabidiol, cannabinoids (such as THC and CBDA), flavonoids, terpenes, trace minerals and other compounds in our CBD gel tablets? Don’t take our word for it – verify everything for yourself by checking out our lab reports online and our customer reviews.

How are the CBD capsules made?

Our grown hemp extract and cannabis plant that forms the base of Blessed’s CBD capsules contains less than 0.2% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) so you’ll be safe from experiencing the psychoactive “high” effect associated with cannabis sativa (and also below the legal limit in the UK).

According to the UK’s CBD oil law, CBD products can be legally sold as a food supplement, as long as they follow the FSA’s rules around THC content and have a validated novel foods license.

We also make sure none of our products contain any pesticides, herbicides, or other additives that could affect their quality, health benefits and “pure” CBD nature.

To start with, the hemp plants we use are non-GMO and grown organically, plus we use the most advanced CO2 extraction methods to bring out all the helpful compounds in the hemp plant, and nothing else.

You won’t find any solvents in the hemp oil extract used in our CBD capsules UK products, or in any of our other CBD products.

As a further boost to the safe and effective nature of our CBD capsules, we choose to incorporate hemp seed oil in our formula as a carrier oil rather than coconut oil, MCT oil or olive oil. Carrier oils improve the body’s ability to absorb CBD, and the high absorption rate provided by the hemp seed oil in our formula makes our CBD products particularly effective.

If you are looking for non-GMO CBD products that you can trust, we have you covered.

Why should you buy CBD capsules?

With CBD oil tinctures, you need to carry around your bottle and dropper with you, and you have to hope that you don’t accidentally drop and spill your oil everywhere.

CBD oil is a fine (and one of our best sellers) way to get your preferred dosage of CBD, but clearly it can come with some complications for someone on the go and in a hurry. To save time and hassle, the Blessed CBD team has come up with one of the best CBD tablets on the market for people who want an easy, no-fuss way to ingest their CBD.

Every CBD gel capsule is pre-dosed (30 mg of CBD per capsule), so you know exactly how much you’re getting. Rather than dealing with a bottle and dropper, simply count the number of capsules needed for a dose and swallow them with a glass of water. The experience is as quick and easy as it would be if you were swallowing a pill, and you will get to enjoy the effects of CBD for longer than you would be if you only used CBD oil.

Depending on your dosage, one capsule a day might be all you need to enjoy the benefits of CBD and keep you in a good, focused mood all day long.

Are there side effects when using CBD capsules?

This isn’t to say that CBD supplements don’t come with potential side effects – start off with smaller doses before you begin moving onto higher doses. If you’re using other medications already, speak to your doctor before using CBD products.

With quality CBD capsules from us at Blessed CBD, anyone can begin enjoying their own CBD routine without having to take much time out of their day. Just like other food supplements, simply take your CBD capsules with a drink and go on about your day.


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