500mg CBD Oil Drops

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Experience CBD in its most potent, full spectrum form. Each drop contains our phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil, packed with effective cannabinoids and terpenes. To calculate your estimated starting dosage, please click here. All Blessed CBD products contain less than 0.2% THC.

  • 10ml bottle
  • Full spectrum hemp extract (500mg of CBD + other phytocannabinoids)
  • Approx 2mg per drop
  • Sourced from organically grown, non-GMO, pesticide-free hemp plants
  • Independently lab tested for potency and purity
  • Less than 0.2% THC (non-psychoactive)

Hemp extract, Hemp seed oil


CBD Oil UK | 500MG Strength Tincture

There’s nothing we take more pride in than the quality of our CBD oil and the customers we serve that have put us in such high demand. Not only are we one of the best UK brands on the market, but Blessed CBD has received much attention for our high-quality oil that we, unfortunately, had to create a waiting list in order to fairly serve everyone interested in buying our products. 

Due to the very confusing relationship CBD has had with the UK, many people still don’t know a lot of information about CBD. 

Some of the most common questions we get are: 

  • Are CBD products legal?
  • Are CBD products safe?  
  • Is a doctor’s prescription needed in order to obtain the oil? 
  • Does CBD work? 

Once again, we definitely understand all the questions, especially after you find out that though CBD is legal in the UK, the industry is largely unregulated which is why there are so many products that:

  • Falsely claim to contain CBD when they actually no CBD at all
  • Claim a product contains far, far more CBD than it does 
  • Use harmful extraction methods that leave behind contaminated plant materials
  • Make false claims about the miraculous things CBD cannot do

When you order Blessed CBD oil, you can rest easy because we only use organic hemp from Colorado, which is subject to some of the strictest hemp regulations in the world.

Our hemp is then dried and stored until it is needed. We only use it when a new batch is being made so we can guarantee high levels of consistency and quality from batch to batch. Our proprietary extraction method leaves behind a CBD oil of the best quality. 

Additionally, Blessed CBD oil: 

  • Is 100% natural 
  • Free of pesticides, GMOs and harsh chemical solvents 
  • Has no additives 
  • 100% vegan 

Typically a company that doesn’t offer very many products is seen as not having enough range, but that simplicity is what gives us an edge in quality. All of our attention is set on making the UK’s best quality CBD oil every single day. 

This is not for us to convince you. Our customers can be found on many websites telling of their experience with our oils versus the others available in the UK. 

Pure CBD Products For Well-Being 

If any brand is making claims that their CBD products can cure any medical issues or can guarantee you that you are going to see results, this is a red flag. 

Blessed CBD, however, is a huge advocate of CBD oil, and we have a hard time ignoring the wealth of research, government approval and scientific journals that have identified the active hemp extract as having therapeutic benefits for a number of different ailments, not to mention the nutritional and health benefits that also come along with it. 

CBD works because of its well-known analgesic and anti-inflammatory properties. It is capable of relieving pain and inflammation for conditions like arthritis. CBD has also proven extremely effective for anxiety, promoting healthier sleep cycles and can even improve the appetite. 

What few people in the UK realize is that thousands of UK residents have been using CBD oil long before the government decided to even consider it a food supplement. 

This is one of the key reasons it was so important for us to create Blessed CBD, to keep spreading the word about CBD’s potential impact in aiding a healthier lifestyle and its usefulness as a natural, alternative medicine. 

There’s an array of oxidative diseases that cannabinoids are linked to aiding, some of which include tissue damage, neurological degeneration associated with Alzheimer’s and stress that is stroke-related. 

In order to benefit from CBD, it’s essential that you are using a potent oil that is pure and contains no harmful chemicals or toxins. 

While Blessed CBD does not guarantee miraculous effects in any way, we do guarantee that you’re getting more than organic hemp. You’re getting more than a safe oil that is free of undesirable plant material.

When you buy our CBD oil, you are getting a product that is full spectrum, full of cannabinoids, terpenes, and vitamins.

What could be better than that?

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11 reviews for 500mg CBD Oil Drops

  1. chelsea

    was a bit skeptical at first but after trying the oil for close to 5 days now i have to admit im feeling better throughout the day. i usually suffer from anxiety and this seems to have helped

  2. Annah

    This has really done the trick for my joint and muscle aches during the day. I take half a full dropper in the morning and this seems to keep me going fine for the full day. Truly do feel Blessed 🙂

  3. Anita

    Hi, I recently purchased this 500mg product. Shipping was very quick, packaging was beautiful and the product works

  4. steven past

    This 500mg tincture keeps me calm during the day and helps with my anxietyy. Thank you!!

  5. John g

    ive always had my doubts about CBD. i first tried the products from superdrug and boots but they were a rip off, did not even work. the 500 mg option from blessed really did the trick for me. i feel much better and will probably be making this a regular monthly purchase from here onwards..

  6. Hassan

    Friendly and professional team, very fast delivery and a competitively priced and high quality CBD oil. Thanks guys

  7. Beatrice

    Helps lower my joint pain but wish the price was more affordable. Product works though so cant complain – Beatrice

  8. Ranjini

    Very professional and friendly experience. Not to mention, the oil helped me gradually for what I needed it for. CBD takes time to enter your body and work so always be consistent when taking it and let your body adapt

  9. GRANT

    The results are encouraging but you really need to use the product for a few weeks before you notice changes. Price could be more affordable

  10. Karen Fisher

    1 day delivery
    Nice packaging
    Easy to follow instructions
    Thank you

  11. Neil

    Excellent quality product and great customer service, delivered quickly, really happy with my experience. Pains seem to be easing allowing me to get on with things a little easier throughout the day

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