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CBD Oil for Skin: Can You Use CBD Oil as a Muscle Balm?

CBD Oil for Skin: Can You Use CBD Oil as a Muscle Balm?

If you’ve tried CBD oil or CBD gummies and had a good experience with it, the likely next step is that you’ll begin looking for other ways in which CBD could enhance your life – and when you reach that point, you’re probably going to begin investigating topical CBD products. Here at Blessed CBD, we offer a CBD balm and CBD lotion that our customers absolutely love.

Is it really necessary to buy a topical CBD product, though?

If CBD has the ability to absorb through the skin – and you already have a bottle of CBD oil – can’t you just use CBD oil topically as a muscle balm and rub that on your skin instead?

As you’re about to learn, the answer to that question is “yes” – sort of. You can rub CBD oil directly on your skin, and the CBD will absorb into your body that way. However, you’re likely to have a better experience if you use a CBD muscle balm that’s actually intended for topical use. In this guide, we’ll explain why.

What Are the Benefits of CBD Balm?

The primary benefit of CBD balm is that it allows you to apply CBD to a specific area of your body instead of waiting for it to travel throughout your bloodstream. Suppose, for instance, that you wanted to try a CBD muscle rub on your back after a difficult day at work or on your elbow after playing a round of tennis. In cases like those, it makes little sense to use an oral CBD product. With the CBD distributed throughout your bloodstream, very little of it will reach the area you’re actually trying to target. With CBD balms, you can target virtually all of the CBD in the product to one specific area.

Can You Use CBD Oil as a Muscle Balm?

With CBD oil, you already have some of the key ingredients of a true topical CBD product – you have the CBD itself, and you have a carrier oil like hemp oil that’s healthy for the skin. Can’t you simply use CBD oil as a CBD balm and skip spending the money on a topical CBD product? As we explained above, the answer to that question is basically “yes.” Since CBD absorbs through the skin, you’ll still get the benefits even if you’re not using a product designed for topical use.

With that being said, there are legitimate reasons for buying a true CBD cream for skin instead of just using CBD oil as a muscle balm. Using CBD oil directly on your skin isn’t necessarily going to give you the best experience. For one thing, the natural flavours added to some CBD oils could include ingredients that cause skin reactions or sensitivity. In addition, the fact that you enjoy a particular flavour like berries or chocolate doesn’t necessarily mean that you’d want to spend the day smelling like that flavour.

If you’re concerned about those things, we’ve got you covered because our full-spectrum CBD oils contains no added flavours. That’s true of every CBD oil sold by Blessed CBD. 

There is, however, a second reason why you may not want to use CBD oil topically: The carrier in CBD oil isn’t chosen for skin permeability. Instead, it’s selected for mouth feel and flavour. Rubbing CBD oil on your skin, therefore, may cause you to feel greasy for a while until the oil absorbs. On the bright side, though, it’s worth mentioning that hemp oil – which we use as a carrier in our CBD oil products – is quite good for the skin.

True CBD Topicals Have Specific Benefits

When you use a true topical CBD product, you’ll enjoy specific benefits that you wouldn’t get from simply rubbing CBD oil on your body. The first of those benefits is a practical one; our CBD balm and lotion are much thicker than CBD oil and are therefore much easier to apply. With a thicker product, you can apply a larger amount of CBD to one area without making a mess. CBD oil, on the other hand, may tend to spread everywhere and might even drip off of your body. It’s hard to apply a potent, correct dose of CBD to just one spot.

The other reason why you’ll have a better experience with a true topical CBD product is because our CBD balm and lotion contain ingredients that increase the permeability of your skin and allow the CBD to penetrate through to your muscles and joints more quickly. The increased skin permeability may help to provide quicker CBD results, and it’ll also ensure that your skin feels soft rather than greasy after you use the product.

CBD Oil on the Skin? It’s Possible but Not Ideal

Today, you’ve learned that there’s no reason why you can’t use CBD oil as a muscle rub. Regardless of whether you’re using an oral CBD oil or a product that’s designed for topical use, you’ll enjoy the benefits because the CBD will absorb through the skin either way as long as there’s an oil-based carrier. In fact, it might be worthwhile for you to try CBD oil on your skin, muscles or joints before buying a topical CBD product. That way, you can find out how well CBD works for your specific needs using a product that you already have instead of buying a separate product.

If you do have a good experience using CBD oil topically, though, we think that your experience will be even better if you try one of our CBD creams. With our topical products, you’ll find it much easier to target a specific area of your body and concentrate the CBD in one place without making a mess. You’ll also love how silky and smooth your skin feels thanks to the skin-loving ingredients that we use in our range of CBD topicals. Using a CBD balm or lotion is truly the best way to bring the benefits of CBD to your muscles, joints and skin.


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