An open letter from Blessed CBD,

In January 2017, CBD was legalized for use in the UK, validating its benefits and opening the country’s residents to the possibility of natural pain relief. 

Finally, there was a solution for people who didn’t want the potential nasty side effects that they had to suffer through when taking synthetic drugs.

Our family celebrated this amazing event and couldn’t have been happier that CBD would be available. 

We also didn’t see what would happen next. 

After trying dozens of CBD products from US and UK companies, it became clear that the UK was severely lacking the same quality available to Americans. The US-based CBD oils we tried were vastly superior, but there was a problem; they didn’t ship outside of the US. If they did, it was ridiculously expensive and would take a long time to reach us. 

Worse, any time we did come across a promising UK-based product, the company was unreliable when it came to shipping or their CBD oil quality was inconsistent.

The CBD products sold in high street shops (such as Holland & Barrett) were unacceptable, containing little to no CBD while charging an amount that was just too high for our liking. 

It was clear that the legalization of CBD was not going to be enough. There were too many companies springing up and not enough regulation to ensure they were taking the right steps to make a quality CBD oil. 

Some of the issues we saw in the CBD industry were:

  • Overpriced oils with low CBD content
  • Unsafe extraction methods 
  • False advertising about what CBD could and could not do
  • Low quality CBD oil that was ineffective
  • Oils that contained absolutely no CBD!
  • Only low-quality CBD oil widely available to the mainstream 
  • Misinformation about CBD 
  • Vague to no information about ingredients, sourcing or test results
  • Contaminated products harmful to human consumption 

Soon many people who had hoped that this natural, alternative option could help them felt like it was a hoax – just one more trendy natural medicine that took their money in return for little to no benefit. 

We were upset, angry and horrified to see how eager other people were to take advantage of those in true need. 

This is when we formed Blessed CBD. 

Who are we?

Founded in early 2018, we are a UK family-run business that is obsessed with plant medicine and healthy living. We are also deeply dedicated to the UK residents looking for pain relief and natural alternatives to big pharma. 

We have all taken synthetic medicine, whether it was for a headache or a more serious medical condition, and have experienced the potential adverse side effects. Blessed CBD believes in finding natural solutions when they are available before using potentially harmful medicines.

It was unfair and disrespectful to UK residents that better CBD oil wasn’t available – this meant people were missing out on the very real benefits that CBD oil does provide. 

The impact we make may be small, but it is an impact we are proud of nonetheless.

Every batch of our CBD oil is the same as the one before it. If we are going to show the UK the amazing benefits of CBD, it starts by holding ourselves to the highest industry standards. 

When you buy CBD oil from us, you can be sure it’s of the highest quality and potency. 

  • 100% Organic 

Blessed CBD starts off with the very best hemp plants. Our propriety strains are derived from specially bred therapeutic hemp plants that are grown on licensed farms in Colorado, USA. 

Colorado has some of the strictest regulations in the world and also has some of the finest soil to grow 100% all-natural hemp that is free of pesticides, toxins, herbicides and heavy metals. 

We don’t just make any kind of CBD oil either, we make fully beneficial CBD oils that use the whole plant to extract additional cannabinoids, terpenes and amino acids. Our strains are naturally high in CBD, other cannabinoids and terpenes, and contain zero THC, ensuring you get the maximum benefit of these powerful compounds.

  • Reliably Pure 

By using an advanced cloning program, our strains yield CBD oil that is incredibly potent and consistent. 

The ethanol we use in our advanced extraction process ensures you’ll get the highest cannabidiol content without any desired compounds being destroyed in the process. 

  • Unwavering Craftsmanship 

Blessed CBD truly believes that CBD oil, or tinctures, are the best and most effective way to reap the benefits of CBD in your daily life. By being a part of every step in the process, from cultivating our hemp to bottling and selling it, we ensure the quality of our oil is the highest.

To prove that we have some of the best oil, every batch is sent to an independent lab for testing and those lab results can be viewed directly by each and every customer. 

When you do everything right, transparency is your best friend – there’s no need to hide. 

  • Commitment To Providing the Best Only

You won’t find CBD oil that is produced in low strengths on our site. We start at 500mg and only produce 3 strengths that we know most customers are going to see results with. We want our products to quickly provide long-lasting relief for you. 

Your happiness is what we care about.

The benefits of CBD cannot be overstated.

Known for its anti-inflammatory properties, CBD can do much more than you think. 

CBD can be used for:

  • Chronic pain
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Insomnia
  • Epilepsy
  • Chronic inflammation 

The best part about CBD is it is a natural alternative to pharmaceutical medicines. 

  • Non habit-forming: you won’t have to worry about your body becoming dependent on it
  • Non-toxic: when extracted safely, it is 100% natural
  • Non-psychoactive: you will not lose control of your mind 
  • Little to no side effects: when proper dosages are adhered to